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There is a range of coaching opportunities available for adults and juniors at Chatteris Tennis Club, covering all ages and abilities.​

Coaching Information:

Coaching is provided by LK Tennis Academy on behalf of the Club.

Our coaches - Lisa Kennedy and Steve Bone - are LTA Accredited Plus Licenced Coaches.  This included DBS checked, safeguarding and first aid.  Coaching takes place fully within the LTA guidelines.

Further details and/or to book please e-mail Lisa Kennedy at: or call 07788857502

To find out how to get to the club CLICK HERE



Over the last several years Lisa has coached myself (until unrelated knee trouble!) and all three of my boys, from complete non-players, to a standard where each could reliably play tennis to their age related standard (14, 11, 6). 


Lisa has been fantastic with all three of them, with gentle encouragement or strong support as needed - she seems to know just what each needed depending on age/day/their mood! And her patience with them has been outstanding. 


She has made tennis fun and accessible for us all, and as a non-sporty family, that's quite a gift for us to have. Though the boys have naturally reached a conclusion for now with their tennis journeys, we know now, that's it's something we can go back to. 


And Lisa will be our first port of call, whenever we decide to revisit tennis. 


Please let the club, and Lisa know, just how much we appreciate her coaching. 


Kind regards, 

Claire, Joe, Daniel and Sam Fidler. 

All those taking part in the Junior Coaching programmes will automatically be entered as candidates for the Julie Wing Junior Coaching Award.

The winner selected will be the player, who is assessed by the professional coach to have demonstrated the greatest ability and enthusiasm to develop as a good tennis player.

The prize will be 4 one-to-one coaching sessions with the professional coach.

(NB. No junior will be eligible to receive the award more than once).

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